Where can I buy CUTE & CO. nappies?

CUTE & CO. nappies are available at Countdown stores nationwide and via Countdown online

Do your nappies contain any nasty chemicals?

No – CUTE & CO. nappies are free from nasty chemicals.  They have no formaldehyde, latex, chlorine, fragrance or lotions. They’ve been developed to be gentle on your cuties skin

Are your nappies dermatologically tested?

Yes – CUTE & CO. nappies have been dermatologically tested with Derma Test Germany as being “excellent” on your cuties skin

What inks do you use on your nappy prints?

CUTE & CO. nappies contain water based inks only to ensure they are kind on skin

Why are CUTE & CO. nappies so thin?

CUTE & CO. nappies are made with 7 layers of micro fibre as well as SAP (super absorbent polymer) and fluff pulp. This means our nappies effectively disperse and retain moisture, drawing wetness away from your cuties skin and locking it in using multiple layers of absorbency. Our nappies are thin but super absorbent so your cutie avoids any unwanted leaks.

Do CUTE & CO. nappies contain SAP?

Yes, CUTE & CO. like all nappies contain SAP (super absorbent polymer). This is needed to ensure moisture and liquid is absorbed. SAP is commonly used in nappies and is safe and non-toxic. The SAP we use is safe and won’t cause any irritation to your cuties skin

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes – CUTE & CO. nappy and nappy pant packaging can be recycled with all your other soft plastics where available. To find out where visit recycling.kiwi.nz

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