CUTE & CO. premium unisex Nappies are ultra-thin and super absorbent to keep your cutie dry and happy for longer.

  • Gentle on your babies skin
  • Dermatologically tested, contain none of the nasties that can cause skin irritation
  • Multi-layer absorbency core and 3D leak guards for maximum leak protection
  • Stylish prints for designer cuteness

Our crawler nappies are lovingly designed for cuties who are now slowly on the move and starting to explore and discover their environments. A handy wetness indicator lets you know when your cutie needs a change.

Available in:

  • Bulk 40’s
  1. Ultra-thin, non-bulky nappy with 7 layers of micro-fibre
  2. No nasties such as formaldehyde, latex, chlorine, fragrance and lotions, always gentle on skin
  3. 3D leak guards with maximum leak protection for super wriggly botts
  4. Ultra-absorbent to lock moisture in, away from babies skin
  5. Soft, breathable top layer to keep dry for longer
  6. Help prevent back-flow with wide waist band that’s extra comfortable
  7. Strong grip tabs for a secure fit that’s smooth on your cuties skin
  8. V shape design for a cosy leg fit
  9. Designer prints for designer cuteness
  10. Wetness indicator turns blue when it’s time to change your cutie



The CUTE & CO. custom design for our crawler nappy features friendly neighbourhood four-legged friends. Our dynamic cat and dog duo say hello by giving each other a high five as they go about their adventures. They don’t have names, but we would love some suggestions!

Explore a new look at every growth stage with trendy custom designs for each nappy and pant size using playful pops of colour.

To keep nz looking cute, recycle all your soft plastics, where available


Cute & Co.