CUTE & CO. was born after brainstorming the perfect nappy with kiwi parents.  An ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent, excellent performing nappy was the top of everyone’s list.

We wanted parents to feel protected against those “uh-oh” feelings and “oh-no” moments with a nappy range designed to perform as it says it will and stay dry even on the wriggliest of botts.

It had to be FREE of nasty chemicals, of course.

We also wanted a nappy with personality!  Our trendy custom designs were created for each nappy and pant size using playful pops of colour from the latest 2020 fashion runway so your cutie can discover and love a new design at each stage. From the sky down to the ground and everything in between, you and your baby will be able to spot the different animals, shapes and patterns on our nappies.

We believe our local CUTE & CO. team have created the perfect combination of stylish designer prints, technology and performance for the cutest botts in New Zealand.

CUTE & CO. is a new New Zealand brand produced by Cottonsoft Limited.

We’d love to know what you think, so make sure to tag us in your pics using the hashtag #cuteandconz and you could make our social media feed even cuter.

Meet our local CUTE & CO. crew






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